Probably Poetry

Probably Poetry is a performance series hosted and produced by the collective since 2018.

The event features new work by guest artists around a shared seasonal prompt.

From 2018-2020, Probably Poetry was a quarterly event at the Burdock Music Hall. During the pandemic, the collective has produced online and outdoor iterations of Probably Poetry.

In 2023, Probably Poetry was accepted into The Tranzac residency program, with events on the first Tuesday of every other month, beginning in February. The next one is June 6th.

We have also extended Probably Poetry to Halifax. Our first event happened on March 15th at Sidekick Cafe and we have an upcoming Probably Poetry x PRUDE event on May 14th.

Keep an eye on our home page for more information about the events and the calls for artists to participate.

“Probably Poetry” at the Burdock Music Hall, Toronto, 2019

“Probably Probably Poetry” in Bickford Park, Toronto, 2021.

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